A Guide to Planning a Church Retreat

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Members of your church can reconnect with God through a retreat. When you are in a retreat, you can find time to reflect on scriptures as well as bond with other members of your group. There are various retreats you a church group can undertake. For the retreat to be a success, you have to plan in advance. You can be sure of having a high quality retreat for men or women in your church if you plan well.

When planning a retreat, one of the important things you should address is finance. Your retreat will not be automatically financed by the companies you approach just because it is for a church group. Even if a company may have asked you to plan a retreat, this does not mean it will fully sponsor it. You should have a budget for the retreat to present to any company you approach for financing. Apart from this, you will have to provide an overview of the events that will be undertaken during the retreat.

Even if you have already secured financing for the retreat, it is still important to plan and organize. In the plan, you should define your goal, timeline of the retreat, and audience. Let’s go through an overview of the components of the plan including the location for men’s retreat.

Overview of the Event

The overview is a description of what the event would entail in a few sentences. When a person reads the summary, he/she should have an idea of what to expect of the retreat. In the snapshot, you should include a basic goal of the retreat. For instance, if your retreat is to bring together members for a specific program, indicate it in the snapshot.

Important Dates Regarding the Retreat

You should indicate the timelines of the summer camp for kids. For example, which specific date will the retreat take place? The milestones of the event should also be highlighted. For instance, you should highlight the dates during which the event will be held, length of the promotion period, and other important timelines. Check that the dates when you will be holding the event will be fine with the people you expect to attend.

Determine Your Goals.

Regardless of the type of retreat you are planning, it should have an end goal. For example, you can know the goal of your retreat by considering the mission of the group that the event targets. The mission of the church organization should help you know the goal of the retreat. The goals can either be specific or general. The full scope of the retreat should be clear just by reading the goals in the plan

If you want to end up with a successful church retreat, the above are some of the tips you should follow. For further details regarding summer camps, you may visit http://edition.cnn.com/2013/07/01/tech/innovation/maker-camp/.


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