Coming Up With the Best Church Summer Camp Ideas


Any flourishing church community will continue to benefit by offering overnight retreats for it’s member. Nothing will inspire you like being a part of the planning process and not only seeing the plan come to fruition, but to see how it positively affects the church as well. Church goers of all ages can take part in overnight retreats, although they may be held separately as far as gender and age goes.

When you are planning a summer camp for kids, one of the first things to determine is the age group, and then how long the camp at the local retreat center will be. Of course the younger groups will generally be more comfortable with shorter times away from home, while you can consider lengthening the stays for the older groups of kids who are accustomed to sleeping away from home.

Each camp should have an identifiable intent which will help with planning the activities and the overall them. While the nature of camp activities will always be fun for the kids, the point behind them is that they are teaching them life lessons that they will never forget. Sometimes our own experiences are the best place to start when looking for inspiration, and if you think back you probably have a memory or two that stands above the rest about your own church or school learning experiences. For more facts and information about summer camps, you can go to

When you move on to choosing a camp location, you will need to take into consideration expenses of the weekend retreat and how much families of the church will be willing to pay, as well as how many kids you will need to house. Setting the schedule of the camp is the next part, which should be a fun mixture of learning and having fun. After all, this is camp so a bit of getting messy and running wild is expected.

When you are planning an overnight retreat for adults, you might first want to consider a theme of the retreat. A theme will not only help to come up with lessons and activities, but it will draw everyone together, and also be more memorable.

A church retreat for adults will be distanced enough that it feels like a retreat from daily life, but engaging enough that when the participants return to daily life they will take the serenity, knowledge, memories, and hopes of the retreat back with them. A retreat should both include plenty of time for solo meditation and conversation with God, but also community conversation and problem solving in regards to the church, personal lives, or the world at large.


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